Choose your own IM and Buddy List sounds

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Choose your own IM and Buddy List sounds

Along with choosing a Buddy Icon to personalize your IMs, you can choose a personal sound to be played on your Buddy's computer when you send an IM, sign on or sign off from the AOL service.

Change Your Buddy Sound

You can choose a different personal sound for each screen name on your account.

To change your buddy sound:
1. Open the AOL My Expressions window by going to AOL Keyword: My Expressions.
2. In the Buddy Sound section of the window, click the Change button.
3. Select a general category from the list on the left.
4. Select a sub-category from the list in the middle.
5. Select a Buddy Sound from the display on the right.
6. Click the Apply button, then click the Close button.
7. Click the X button to close the AIM Expressions window.

Note: Your buddy must be using AOL 8.0 or higher and have their preferences set to Play other member's AOL sound when they appear on or leave my Buddy List and Play other member's AOL sound when they send me an IM to hear the personal sound you have chosen.

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