Archived- IM Forwarding vs. using AIM for Mobile

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Archived- IM Forwarding vs. using AIM for Mobile

IM Forwarding (Instant Message Forwarding) is different from AIM for Mobile in a few ways.

With IM Forwarding, your instant messages are sent to your mobile phone when you're signed out of AIM on your computer. These IMs are sent as text messages. Depending on your phone and wireless service provider, you may or may not be able to reply to these messages. Also, with IM Forwarding you can't see your Buddy List, set Buddy Alerts, or use any other AIM features from your phone.

With AIM for Mobile, you're using a full version of AIM. Along with sending and receiving instant messages, you can see and modify your Buddy List, set your phone to alert you when buddies come online, initiate conversations, and block messages.  Interested? If so, please visit and look for your brand of device along the bottom of the page. For example, AIM for iPhone, AIM for iPad or AIM for Android.

With both IM Forwarding and AIM for Mobile, your friends get a note that their IMs are going to your phone. They also see a Mobile Device icon next to your Username both in their Buddy List window and in the conversation window.


  • Your mobile service provider may charge you for these and other text messages that you send or receive. Please consult your provider regarding your plan.
  • Learn how to send and receive IMs using IM Forwarding on your mobile device at #im-forwarding.
  • To change your mobile settings, please visit Thanks!
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