Add a mobile phone number to my Buddy List window

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Add a mobile phone number to my Buddy List window

You can add a mobile number to your Buddy List window the same way you would add a Username to your Buddy List.

To add a mobile phone number to your Buddy List:
1. If your Buddy List window is not open, on the AOL toolbar, click the Community menu, then click AIM.
2. In the Buddy List window, click the Setup button.
3. In the Buddy List Setup window, click the group you want to add the phone number to, then click the Add Buddy button.
4. In the Add New Buddy window, choose the Cell Phone Number option by clicking it, type the cell phone number in the boxes provided, then click the Save button.
5. Click the X button in the upper-right corner to close the Buddy List Setup window.


  • Since messages are delivered via your recipient's wireless network, AOL cannot guarantee that messages you send to a mobile phone will be received.
  • Unless your IM recipient is using a mobile phone capable of two-way text messaging from a carrier that allows two-way IM service, he or she will be unable to respond to your message.

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