How do I add an ICQ member to my AOL Buddy List?

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How do I add an ICQ member to my AOL Buddy List?

You can add ICQ members to your AOL Buddy List and communicate with them exactly as you can with AOL or AIM users.

Ensure that the ICQ user has the latest version of the ICQ software, available at

To add an ICQ user to your AOL Buddy List, do the following
1. If your Buddy List window is not open, go to AOL Keyword: Buddy List.

Note: This keyword can be accessed only within the AOL software. However, the Keyword feature is not available in AOL Desktop v10.1.

2. Click Setup.
3. Select the group to which you want to add the buddy, and then click Add Buddy.
4. In the Add New Buddy window, ensure the Screen Name, ICQ Number, or other Instant Messaging ID option is selected.
5. Type in the ICQ number, and then click Save.
6. If desired, in the First Name and Last Name box, type in a display name for the ICQ user, and then click OK.

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