Remove or delete AOL Usernames

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Remove or delete AOL Usernames

IMPORTANT: AOL Screen Name is now known as AOL Username. You may still see Screen Name at some places as we are in the process of changing it across AOL. Please bear with us.

You can delete any of the seven AOL Usernames (formerly known as AOL screen names), that can be linked to your AOL account at any time; however, your first Username, the primary master Username, cannot be deleted or changed. If you are wanting to cancel your AOL account, please see How do I cancel my free AOL account? or How do I cancel my paid AOL account?

Note: To delete a Username registered with an AOL Premium Service, you will first need to unsubscribe from the Premium Service, and then delete the Username. If you have attempted to delete a General Username and received a message saying you were unable to, please refer to Unable to delete a General Username.

Delete your Username:

1. Go to My Account and sign in with your master Username and password.

2. Answer your Account Security Question (ASQ) and click Continue.

3. Under Username Options, click Manage My Usernames.

4. In the Additional Usernames box, under Delete, click X next to the Username that you wish to delete.

5. Click Delete.

A confirmation message will be displayed.

Prefer phone support? Contact us (paid members only) or upgrade your AOL plan to receive 24/7, live AOL technical support.

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