Archived - When is my billing date?

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Archived - When is my billing date?

Your billing date – created on the day you began your AOL service – is kind of like a monthly AOL birthday on which we sometimes charge you money. (Happy Billing Day!) For example, if you started your service on Aug. 15, then your next billing day will be Sept. 15, Oct. 15 and so on.

We charge your AOL fees to your payment method once a month on your billing date. You pay for your AOL service in advance, so each month you pay for the next month’s service (on Aug. 15, you’re paying for the month of Sept.; on Sept. 15, you’re paying for the month of Oct.; etc.). At the same time, we’ll also add on any charges you acquired since your last bill, such as connection surcharges or subscription fees for premium services.

If you’re on the Free AOL plan, you are still assigned a billing date even though there are no monthly fees. (Just think of this as the anniversary of when you joined the AOL family!)

Don’t remember your billing statement? You can look it up at My Account by signing in with your master Username and password and answering your Account Security Question. Under Account Options, click View My Statements to see when you will be billed.

The billing cycle begins on your billing date approximately at 10AM ET and ends at 9:59AM ET on the same date of the following month. So if your billing date is on the 15th of each month, it will begin at 10AM ET on Sept.15 and end at 9:59AM ET on Oct. 15.

Note: If you use a Visa or MasterCard debit card, checking account or savings account to pay for your AOL service, charges can take up to 14 days to process, depending on your bank.

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