Get AOL Voicemail message alerts on my mobile phone

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Get AOL Voicemail message alerts on my mobile phone

AOL Voicemail can notify you whenever you receive a Voicemail by sending a short text message to your mobile phone.

There are two primary steps: registering your mobile phone with AOL, and then setting up the AOL Alert that informs your mobile phone when a new Voicemail has arrived.


Register your mobile phone

You can make the AOL Voicemail service even more valuable by having the AOL service notify your cell phone whenever you receive an email from a particular sender (such as members of your family or important friends). You can then dial up the AOLVoicemail service to quickly listen to and reply to that email on the go!

To register your mobile device:
1. Go to AOL Keyword: Alerts.
2. Click the My ALERTS tab.

3. Click the Add Mobile Device button.

4. In the Mobile Device Registration window, type your 10-digit mobile phone number, then click the Continue button. AOL will now try to send a message to your mobile phone containing a 4-digit confirmation number.

5. In the Mobile Device Registration window, enter the 4-digit confirmation number that was sent to your mobile phone, then click the Ok button.

Note: If you don't receive a confirmation number, alerts are not available on your mobile phone.

Setup an Alert

Mobile Alerts enable you to receive a text alert on your mobile phone, PDA or other mobile device each time you receive a new voicemail message. Your wireless carrier may charge you for receiving text messages and your mobile phone must support text-messaging to receive these Mobile Alerts.

To setup Alerts on your mobile device:
1. Go to AOL Keyword: Alerts.
2. In the Category section, click the Most Popular link.
3. In the Alerts section, under Mail Alerts, click the Alert Me link.

4. In the Send an Alert each time I receive an email from this AOL Username or email address: box, type

5. Under Delivery Options, click the Mobile Device box to place a check mark in it.
6. Under Delivery Options, click the Online: and email: boxes to clear them.
7. Click Save.

After completing the above process, every time you receive a voicemail, AOL will send an alert to your mobile phone. When you receive it, simply call 1-800-AOL-1234 and login to voicemail to retrieve the message.



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