About activation of the AOL Call Alert service

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About activation of the AOL Call Alert service

AOL Call Alert requires a feature called Call Forward Busy to be activated on your registered phone number. This feature needs to be activated by your telephone service provider. Call Forward Busy is a feature that forwards your incoming calls to a specific number when your phone line is busy. AOL Call Alert will immediately notify you of an incoming call when you are online.

In most cases, when you register for the AOL Call Alert service, we will ask you whether we can, on your behalf, request your telephone service provider to activate the Call Forward Busy feature on your phone line. If we are unable to do so, we will send you an email with detailed instructions on how to request your telephone company to add the feature to your phone line. When AOL orders the Call Forward Busy feature for you, it may take between one and five business days for the phone company to process the request. For more information about the activation of the feature, you can call us at 1-877-742-9546 Monday through Friday between 9AM and 7PM ET.

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