Change privacy settings in AOL Call Alert

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Change privacy settings in AOL Call Alert

Some people choose to block their name and phone number from displaying on the caller ID when they call someone (most telemarketers do this as well). When you receive calls from people who have blocked their information, your caller ID will display either Private or Unknown. The AOL Call Alert privacy features allow you to control calls from Private or Unknown callers when you're online.

To change your privacy settings
1. Sign on to the AOL service. Go to AOL Keyword: Voicemail or

Note: If prompted, sign on using your Username and password.

2. Click the Settings link.
3. Under Settings, click the Call Blocking & Privacy link.
4. Under "Unknown" Callers and "Private" Callers, select the appropriate option.

  • Allow Call - Allows all callers to contact you, even those who are blocking their caller information.
  • Prompt caller to reveal their phone number, then allow the call - Allows callers to contact you only if they choose to unblock their caller information. Once the caller reveals his or her information, you may handle the call as you wish.
  • Block Call - Blocks all callers who block their information. You are notified of the blocked calls and the callers hear that they must unblock their information before you will accept their call.

Note: The above settings apply only when you are online and are using the AOL Call Alert and AOL Voicemail services.

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