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AOL Voicemail FAQs


How is AOL Voicemail different from answering machines?

Answering machines are physical appliances connected to your phone. AOL Voicemail records messages, similar to an answering machine, but does not require a physical device.

Another major difference is how you listen to your AOL Voicemail messages when youre at home. With answering machines, you usually press a button on a piece of hardware to hear your messages. With AOL Voicemail, you can call a phone number from any location to retrieve your messages!

AOL Voicemail is designed for home phone lines. We recommend that you sign up for AOL Voicemail using your home phone line. Once you've signed up, you can add up to three additional lines (e.g., your cell phone or second phone) at no additional charge.

How will I know that I have voicemail messages in my inbox?

When you receive a voicemail message, the AOL Voicemail service will send you an email notifying you that you have a voice message. These emails, which look slightly different than normal emails, contain audio recordings of the voice messages available over the phone.

An AOL Voicemail will always have a light blue phone icon and an AOL Voicemail seal in the upper-left corner of the mail border. The AOL Voicemail seal is clickable and takes you to AOL Keyword: Voicemail or for more information.

Note: If you are taken to, sign on using your Username and password.

Inside each email, there will be an audio link and an attachment. By clicking that link, you can hear the audio message through your computer speakers. Once you've listened to the voicemail it is considered an old voicemail. If you would like to listen to an old voicemail, you must download the voicemail by clicking Download.

Note: Only the registered Username receives an email with the audio link and attachment. All other Usernames will receive an email with only the attachment.

In other words, when you check for email on the AOL service, you can check for voicemail messages as well. Voicemail messages are delivered immediately after they are received.

How many rings does it take the AOL Voicemail to answer?

AOL Voicemail usually answers after approximately four to eight rings. This may vary slightly depending on whether you are online or offline and whether the call is forwarded when the line is busy or when there is no answer.

If there is no answer:

Online: After the initial four to six rings and once the pop-up appears, there will be up to four more rings before the call defaults to Voicemail. It will only default to voicemail if no action is taken on the pop-up. The ring cycle can be adjusted to two to four rings in the AOL Voicemail dashboard.

Offline: If the call is not answered after the initial four to six rings, the caller will reach the voicemail.

If the line is busy:

Online: A pop-up is generated as the call is being forwarded. The call will default to voicemail if no action is taken before four rings. The ring cycle can be adjusted to two to four rings in the AOL Voicemail dashboard.

Offline: The caller will hear four rings (the default set by the telephone company) before the call goes to voicemail.

Note: The telephone company sets the offline ring count. If you are interested in altering the number of rings, call your local phone company and ask the representative to adjust the rings for you.

What is the time limit for storing messages?

Once you have listened to a voicemail message online, it will be moved to your old email folder, where it will be kept for 28 days. When you call in by phone, the message will be in the "old voicemail" section. Voicemails that are kept as new will be saved until you delete them.

Note: If you delete a Voicemail message online, it will be deleted both online and over the phone. If you accidentally delete an email with a voicemail message and then undelete it (from Recently Deleted Mail), it will be available over the telephone again.

Can I add additional phone lines to my voicemail?

Yes, you can add up to three additional phone lines to your AOL Voicemail account at no additional charge. This feature is designed to let you add your mobile phone or second phone line to your account so that you can get all your messages in one place.

Why do I hear an interrupted dial tone?

The interrupted dial tone, sometimes referred to as the Message Waiting Indicator, sounds like a short series of separate tones. You'll hear this tone when you pick up the telephone receiver if you have one or more new voicemail messages.

How do I set up each Username to receive voicemail messages?

When you sign up for AOL Voicemail, only the registered Username will get emails with voicemail messages; however, you have the option of setting up additional Usernames in the AOL Voicemail dashboard. Once you add an additional Username, voicemail messages will be delivered to the inbox of that Username.

What is subject information in voicemail email notification?

The subject line of any email message you receive will have information about the call, similar to a Caller ID. Some callers set up their phones to send only limited information about them. Some callers block all information. The AOL email service will provide all the available information about the caller in the message, including when the message was left for you.

How many voicemail messages can I save?

You can save 100 new and 100 old voicemails.

Is there a Caller ID on international calls?

When you receive a call, a database containing only U.S. and Canadian phone numbers is accessed to display the Caller ID information on your screen. Calls coming from other countries will display a message stating that it is from an unknown caller.

What is Quick Login?

Quick Login allows you to access AOLbyPhone without having to enter your account phone number and/or PIN. You can enable Quick Login for your home phone as well as any Quick Login numbers you have added to your account. Some phone numbers, such as cell phones and business lines, may be blocked by AOL Voicemail and cannot be used with this feature.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to enable Quick Login on a phone number, anyone who calls from that phone will be able to access your AOLbyPhone account; therefore be sure to enable Quick Login only on those numbers that are under your direct control. Once you sign on to AOLbyPhone with a Quick Login number and Voicemail PIN, you will need to enter your Master PIN to access your account. AOL requires this to protect your personal information.

How do I save an AOL Voicemail?

To save an AOL Voicemail after listening to it via phone, say "save" or press the number 2 on your phone pad. This will save the message on your AOL Voicemail account and in your inbox. If you wish to save the voicemail after listening to it on your computer, click the Keep As New button.

Why can't I register for AOL Voicemail?

We’re sorry to inform you that AOL Voice Services no longer offers new registrations for our AOL Voice Services products (AOL Call Alert, AOLbyPhone or AOL Voicemail).

While this means we will no longer allow new registrations, AOL will continue to support current AOL Voice Services users. However, AOL will no longer support switching lines or adding a new line to the service.

For additional help with your AOL Voice Services account, please call us at 1-877-742-9546 Monday through Friday between 9AM and 7PM ET.

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