Manage emails using the AOLbyPhone email service

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Manage emails using the AOLbyPhone email service

You can use the AOLbyPhone service to manage your emails over the phone.

How to

Use keypad to check emails

You can use speech commands or your phone keypad to navigate though your emails. Once you are in the email area of the AOLbyPhone service, you can use the following keypad commands:

Command Keypad
Read 1
Delete 3
Keep as new 4
Reply 5
Next email #
Old Mail ##
Previous email *
Go to Main Menu **
Help 0

When replying to an email, remember to press # to end your recording. You can then use the following keypad commands:

Send reply #
Review message 1
Record new message 2
Cancel reply *

Send an email over the phone

Say Send a Voicemail to send a voice message over the phone. The message will appear as an email with a voicemail attachment in the recipient's inbox. You can create and send a voicemail to anyone whose name is in your AOL Address Book.

Respond to an email over the phone

After hearing an email, you can say

  • Reply to record and send an email in your own voice. Once you reply, the message is attached to a regular email, which is then sent to the recipient's inbox. The recipient will be able to listen to your audio reply (or.Mp3 file) through the computer speakers.
  • Forward to record an introduction and forward it with the original email. You can forward emails to anyone in your AOL Address Book.

Note: If you send an audio reply to another AOLbyPhone member, the member will be notified of your reply when he or she uses the AOLbyPhone service.

Filter email messages

There are two ways to filter the list of emails that you hear on AOLbyPhone:

  • Read Mail from People I Know lets you listen only to emails sent from people listed in your AOL Address Book.
  • Find Mail by Sender lets you select one name from your AOL Address Book or email Inbox and access all emails sent to you by that person.

After calling and logging into the system, say "email" or press 2 on your telephone keypad to get to the email Menu. Say "Read Mail from People I Know" or press 2 to access emails sent by people you know. Say "Find Mail by Sender" or press 4 and follow the instructions to access emails sent by a particular person.

Register your cell phone and set up email alerts

Make the AOLbyPhone service even more valuable. Have the service notify you on your cell phone whenever you receive emails from specific senders (such as members of your family or important friends). You can then dial up the AOLbyPhone service to quickly listen and reply to that email on the go!

To receive such alerts, you need to register your cell phone with the AOL service and set up an AOL Alert for your designated important senders.

To register your cell phone:
1. Go to AOL Keyword: My Alerts or
2. Click the MY ALERTS link. In the Your Mobile Phones and Pagers section, click Add a mobile device.
3. In the Mobile Device Registration window, enter your 10-digit cell phone number, and then click Send. The AOL service will now try to send a message containing a 4-digit confirmation number to your cell phone.

Note: If you don't receive a confirmation number, alerts are not available on your cell phone.

4. In the Mobile Phone Setup window, enter the 4-digit confirmation number.

You've now registered your cell phone. All you need to do is set up your email alerts.

To set up email alerts:
1. Click the MY ALERTS link, and then click the add Alerts now link.
2. Under Category, click Mail, and then click the Alert Me link.
3. In the Set up Mail Alerts window, you can choose to be alerted when you receive emails from a specific Sender or with a specific Subject. You can also select both the Sender and the Subject.
4. Enter the full email address (for example, of the Sender you want to be notified about in the Send an Alert each time I receive an email from this AOL Username or email address field, or enter the subject you want to be alerted about in the Send an Alert each time I receive an email with a Subject containing these words field, or enter the information into both the fields if that's the option you want for your alerts.
5. Under Delivery Options, select the check box next to Mobile Device.

Note: Clear the check boxes next to Online and email.

6. Click Save. You can repeat this part of the process for as many email addresses as you wish.

That's it. Now, you'll never miss an important email. The AOL service will send an alert to your cell phone whenever you receive emails from specific Senders or with specific Subjects. Just call 1-800-AOL-1234 to hear the email.

Avoid spam emails over the phone

To filter out spam emails
1. After signing on to the AOLbyPhone service, choose email from the Main Menu by saying "email" or pressing 2 on your telephone keypad.
2. To filter spam, say, "Read mail from friends." Alternatively, if you're looking for emails from a particular person, say, "Find mail by sender," or press 4 on your telephone keypad.
3. You can return to your full email list at any time by saying "email."

Note: emails that are not filtered as spam by the AOLbyPhone service can be reported as spam when you view your emails online.

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