Tips to create a secure password

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Tips to create a secure password

Your password should be easy for you to remember but not for others to guess. If your password can be easily guessed, your AOL account is no longer secure.

Tips to create a secure password:

  • Your password must be within 6 - 16 characters.
  • Your password can be a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters (e.g., #, @, and &).
  • Your password is case-sensitive.
  • One password strategy is to base the password on a sentence, using the first letter or number of each word to create your password. (E.g., "I own a 68 red ford mustang!" Your password might be "Ioa68rfm!".
  • Do not use common or easily guessed words in your password (e.g., first and last name, online identity, or words found in a dictionary).
  • Each time you create a new password, try to make it fresh and unique. Reusing old passwords is not recommended as it is not the best way to keep your online information safe.

AOL Password Strengthening Tips

  • Substitute numbers for letters and vice versa (o instead of 0, 1 instead of L, E instead of 3).
  • Substitute words for numbers (five, nine).
  • Combine both of the above (fiv3, n1ne).
  • Use capitalization in random places (bLues, cluEs).
  • Deliberately misspell words (Humptie Dumptie).

Examples of Memorable/Complex Passwords

  • Harry Potter becomes HaRrieP0tt3r!
  • 4 Privet Drive becomes: @FourPr1v3tDr!ve

Using the tips above, you can create a secure password for your AOL account. To reset your password, visit and use the tips mentioned above to keep your AOL account secure.

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