Features available on the AOL.com website

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Features available on the AOL.com website

Overview of AOL.com Features

AOL.com has been built around the people who use it and we've made sure every pixel is perfect. Over the years, we've evolved our homepage to help you simplify the web and your life, both of which only seem to get more complicated. Features of AOL.com include:

The News You Need

This is where AOL highlights feature stories, entertainment news, sports, and finance content, plus the latest national, world, and video news. These news items are hand-picked and updated by AOL's homepage editors, so this is content curation at its very best (as opposed to automated feed-driven content). This section of content occupies a prime top-left spot on AOL.com, which is an indication of how focused AOL is on offering the best news on the web (the news you need, when you need it).

You've Got Mail

AIM Mail, AIM, and Radio! Quick access to your favorite essentials are just a click away at the top right of the screen next to the Search box.

What's on AOL

Looking for a link to AOL Games or AOL Real Estate? No worries! You can find these sites along with all other AOL websites in the drop-down menus at the top of the page.


Keep an eye out for original videos being promoted front-and-center on the page. We are bound to have something to entertain you!

Latest Headlines

Scan the list of top news headlines – the perfect mix of national and world news stories.

Local News

Enter your ZIP code to get the best real-time news for your neck of the woods.

Daily Buzz

The Daily Buzz is a strip of fun, engaging, and important stories that people are talking about right down the middle of the page.

Trending Now

Keep your finger on the pulse with the latest hot searches.

What's Being Shared

Put AOL Lifestream to work for you by setting up all your social networks in one place, then see regular updates of the articles and videos your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Market Quotes

You can quickly check the performance of your favorite stocks right from the homepage in the Market Quotes section.

Business, Sports and Entertainment News

Get the latest news headlines from the worlds of business, finance, sports, and entertainment in your left-hand news column.

Editor's Video Clips

This section at the bottom left of the page offers additional video clips every day – look for TV clips you may have missed and viral videos here.

AOL.com is constantly evolving and we want to thank all of those who tested the site, told us what you liked and disliked, tested it again, and guided us to this design. Since we run one of the most popular sites on the web, we don't take changes lightly. Your experience drives everything we do and your feedback is invaluable. Thanks for letting us listen, and keep the feedback coming!

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