How do I start an AIM Audio Chat session?

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How do I start an AIM Audio Chat session?

AIM Audio Chat allows you to talk to your buddies by establishing a direct connection between you and your buddy's PC. To start an Audio Chat, ensure you and your buddy both have microphones, AIM, and a proper internet connection, then follow the instructions below:

1. Sign in to AIM.

2. Open an IM, click Options in the top left, and select Start Audio Chat.

3. Your buddy will receive a Talk invitation. Once your buddy accepts your invitation, a Talk window will display. From this point, all you need to do is talk into your microphone to communicate to your buddy.

4. To change your speaker volume, drag the speaker slider to the right for louder and to the left for quieter. If your buddy is having trouble hearing you, drag your microphone volume slider to the right to increase its volume.

5. When your AIM Audio Chat session is complete, click End Session and then click Close.


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