About the AOL Best Connect feature

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About the AOL Best Connect feature

About the AOL Best Connect™ Feature
AOL Best Connect™ Toll-Free Guarantee

About the AOL Best Connect™ feature

The AOL Best Connect™ feature, when activated, manages your access phone numbers for dial-up connections. You will not have to worry about keeping your numbers up-to-date or selecting the right one to connect to the AOL service. AOL Best Connect™ will do the following for you:

  • Select the best access phone number for you based on historical performance and success rate of connection.
  • Select local access phone numbers for you so that you do not have to do it.
  • Manage the access phone numbers you can dial. Occasionally, new numbers are added and old ones are removed; Best Connect manages these changes for you behind the scenes.

Sometimes, telephone numbers that provide the best connection may also incur local toll or long-distance charges. Best Connect has been designed to prevent this from happening. However, if this does happen, AOL will reimburse the charges that you incur while using an access phone number that AOL Best Connect has selected for you. For more information, please read the AOL Best Connect™ Toll-Free Guarantee section below.

AOL Best Connect™ Toll-Free guarantee

In the unlikely event that your phone company charges you toll or long-distance fees on the phone numbers selected by the Best Connect feature, AOL will reimburse those charges.

AOL members on qualified plans can chat live with a AOL Customer Support Team consultant by going to AOL Keyword: Live Help or by clicking the Contact AOL link at the bottom of this page. Clicking the Contact AOL link also provides phone numbers to speak with a AOL Customer Support Team consultant.

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Please contact us as soon as possible if your phone company charges you. In order to process a reimbursement request, AOL must receive a copy of your phone bill within 60 days of your receiving the bill from your phone company.

If you are traveling or dialing in from somewhere other than your typical dial-up location and you select an access phone number without using AOL Best Connect, you will be responsible for any toll or long-distance charges that you may incur.

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