How to Opt Out of the AOL Best Connect feature

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How to Opt Out of the AOL Best Connect feature

This article provides instructions to opt out of the AOL Best Connect feature.

The AOL Best Connect feature is provided as a convenient tool to help you connect to the Internet. You are not required to use this feature and may discontinue its use.

Note: When selecting access phone numbers, AOL strongly recommends that you contact your local phone company to confirm that any access phone number(s) you have chosen for dial-up access to the AOL service will not cause toll or long distance charges to appear on your phone bill. An access phone number having the same area code or city as your dial-up location does not necessarily mean that it is in your local calling area. The access phone number(s) that you have selected may not correspond to your local phone company's billing designations and need to be carefully selected. If you do not contact your local phone company, you may unnecessarily incur phone charges.

Note: If you use multiple computers, settings changes made to one computer will not change the settings on other computers. You need to adjust the AOL Best Connect™ settings on each computer you use.

Opt Out of the AOL Best Connect Feature

To opt out of the AOL Best Connect feature when you any version of the AOL 9.6, AOL 9.5, AOL 9.1, and any version of AOL 9.0 software:
1. Launch the AOL software as you would normally, but do not sign on.
2. On the Sign On screen, click the Connect Options button.
3. In the Dial-up Locations box, click the current location to highlight it, then click the Do not use Best Connect, let me manage my access phone numbers link. You will be asked to confirm that you want to opt out of the Best Connect feature, as this feature will no longer be available for this location once it has been opted out.
4. Click the Continue button.
5. Click the Close button.

Note: You may now edit, reorder, and/or delete individual numbers within this location to meet your needs; the AOL service will no longer manage the numbers for you. For more information on editing and deleting numbers within a location, on the Windows taskbar next to the clock, right-click the AOL icon, select Connectivity, click Connect Options..., then click the Get Help button.

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