How to use AOL Search

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How to use AOL Search

The easiest way to search on AOL Search is to simply type a word or a phrase that describes what you're looking for in the search box on, then click Search or press the Enter key. If you are looking for images, video, news or shopping information, try one of our specialized search features. Just select the appropriate link below the search box.

Tips to help your search:

  • Select your search terms carefully. Use specific, descriptive words instead of general ones. For example, searching for blueberry pancake recipes instead of recipes increases your chances of finding blueberry pancake recipes.
  • To find an exact phrase, put quote marks around your search terms. For example, use "Charlie and the Chocolate factory" to find content for the movie. You can also use hyphens to connect a phrase such as brother-in-law.
  • To exclude specific words in your search, type a minus sign (-) in front of the search term. For example, to find content about vegetables with no mention of zucchini, search for vegetables -zucchini. Make sure to include a space before the minus sign (-), but not after.
  • To find content for two or more topics of equal interest, use OR in between your search words. For example, to find information on either poodles or schnoodles, search for poodles OR schnoodles.
  • If you don't get any results with search words, try using different words with the same meaning.
  • You don’t have to worry about capitalization when entering search terms. AOL Search doesn’t differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • You don't need to use "and" between words in your search. AOL Search automatically inserts and between words separated by a space.

Use Search Tools to control your search results

You can use the time and location filters to filter your results. You also have the Advanced Search feature to get more precise results or control over the results.

Using Advanced Search, you can:

  • Include or exclude specific words in your search results.
  • Include or exclude specific websites or domains in your search results.
  • Include or exclude specific file formats in your search results.
  • Specify language of websites that you would like to see in your search results.
  • Specify how long ago the information has been updated in your search results.

To access this feature, click the Advanced Search link in the menu that is displayed after you click the Search Tools button on the AOL Search page.

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