I receive mailer daemons for emails

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I receive mailer daemons for emails

You might get Mailer Daemons for German emails you did not send. It means that the mails sent from your email address has not been delivered.


About Sober.q Virus
About email Spoofing

About Sober.q Virus

Sober.q virus was recently spotted to have been sending mass emails from infected computers. Most of the messages being sent by the virus contain links to news stories about Germany and some of them contain links to a website that tries to infect visiting machines with the virus.

This does not mean your computer has been infected with a virus, but precautions should be taken to ensure that your dcomputer does not get infected.

Please ensure you have the latest update for your antivirus software, and then perform a scan. For McAfee Internet Security Suite - Special edition from AOL, please go to AOL Keyword: Safety and click the links to get specific instructions.

Note: Non-members or those on the Free AOL plan can subscribe to McAfee Internet Security Suite - Special edition from AOL for a substantially discounted annual fee.

You may have updated your anti virus software and scanned your computer for viruses but keep getting returned German mails. Receiving an email alert stating that the virus came from your email address is not an indication that you are infected as the Sober.q virus often forges the From address.

About email Spoofing

email spoofing is a procedure used to trick the defense barriers that we and other mail services set to prevent spamming. By using a particular program, the To and From addresses on the email can be manipulated to allow it to pass through the Spam defenses. The first thing to do is check your Sent Mail box to see if you can locate any outgoing email that you don't recognize sending from your AOL account. If you do not find any unexplained email, this may be a case of email spoofing.

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