How do I set an away message in AIM?

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How do I set an away message in AIM?

Away Messages tell your buddies that you're away from your computer and unavailable for conversation at that particular time. Away Messages are customizable. When you are away from your computer, AIM displays your away message to those who try to contact you. You can create multiple Away Messages.

Here's how to create an away message:

1. At the top of your Buddy List window, click Options or Menu (depending on which version of AIM 7 you're using) and then click Settings.

2. Click Buddy List.

3. Under Away Messages, click Manage Saved Away Messages.

4. Click the + icon.

5. In the Enter Title box, type a title (e.g., "In a meeting" or "At lunch") for your away message. The title should be descriptive enough to help identify your away message at a glance.

6. In the Enter Message box, delete the Enter away message text here text, type the text for your away message, and then click Save.

7. Once you've created an away message, at the top of your Buddy List, next to your Username, click the drop-down menu, select Saved Away Message, and then click the away message you've just created.

Note: For more information on Away Messages, read our online help article FAQs on Away Messages in the AIM software.

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