How do I block phone numbers on AOL Voicemail?

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How do I block phone numbers on AOL Voicemail?

Do you wish to block a phone number that is bothering you? With AOL Voicemail, you can. When you receive a call, we check the caller's phone number against your block list. If the phone number matches one of the numbers listed on your block list, we inform the caller that you are not accepting calls from his or her phone number.

To block numbers on AOL Voicemail:
1. Go to AOL Keyword: Voicemail or

Note: If prompted, sign on using your registered Username and password.

2. Click the Settings link.
3. On the left panel, under Settings Main, click Blocked Numbers.
4. Enter the phone number and a name for the number you wish to block.
5. Click Save. Close the AOL Voicemail page. You've now blocked the phone number that was bothering you.

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