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AOL Toolbar 5.0 Options

About AOL® Toolbar 5.0 Options
Access Your AOL Toolbar Options

About AOL Toolbar 5.0 Options

It's easy to configure the AOL Toolbar 5.0 software to suit your needs. AOL Toolbar 5.0 Options allows you to choose your toolbar's layout, search preferences, pop-up settings, add options, and clear your browsing footprints.

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Access Your AOL Toolbar 5.0 Options

To open the AOL Toolbar 5.0 Options window:
1. On the right side of the AOL Toolbar, next to the Sign In link, click the Toolbar Options icon, then click Options.

2. In the AOL Toolbar Options window, click the tab with the settings you want to adjust.

3. Adjust the desired settings, then click the Save button.

The options available under each tab are:

  • General: Lets you automatically check for AOL Toolbar updates and choose to show a confirmation screen when custom buttons are dropped onto the toolbar.

  • Customize: Select buttons you would like to move or remove from your AOL Toolbar. You may also add a button from the AOL Toolbar Gallery.

  • Search: You can select Show Search Button, Show Highlighter Button when searching, Turn Highlighting on by default, or Use Search history feature. You can even control what occurs when an item is selected from your search history. You can choose either Run the search right away, or Wait until the Enter key is pressed or the Search button is clicked.

  • Pop-ups: Select whether you want to allow all pop-ups, block all pop-ups, or allow pop-ups from certain Web sites only. The Animated Media section of the Pop-up Controls tab allows you to select whether you want to allow all animated media or block animated media on certain Web sites.

  • Privacy: Choose what data you would like cleared such as, Browsing history, Cookies, Browser Cache, Recent Searches, or Blocked pop-up list.

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