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AOL Shopping FAQs



How does AOL Shopping pick products and stores?

The goal of AOL Shopping is to bring you a wide variety of selections from the stores you know, as well as to introduce you to new shopping opportunities. To do this, we have partnered with Nextag to get deals from top retailers. We also rely on the merchandising knowledge and buying expertise of Nextag to provide the best items of interest for you.

How can I search for an item?

AOL Shopping has a shopping search tool powered by Nextag on all shopping pages. Type in the item you are looking for in the Nextag search box and click Find it. Results for that keyword will be shown along with additional filters to narrow down the options.

If there are no results for your search:

  • Check your spelling.
  • Use fewer words so your search isn't too specific. For example, instead of typing "western jean jacket with tassels" try typing "jean jacket" or just "jacket."
  • Use different words. You can reword your search by using synonyms or related words. Say you are looking for chinos. Instead of typing "chino britches" you could try typing "chino pants."

Where do I go if I have a problem with a transaction?

All questions about your order (including status, specifications, tax, shipping, payment methods, and cancellations or returns) should be directed to the store where you made the purchase. AOL Shopping does not have any specific information about your order.

Typically stores provide an order confirmation through email. The email includes contact information for any other order inquiries and your order number.



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