About AOL Search on Mobile

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About AOL Search on Mobile

With AOL’s Mobile Search, you'll spend less time searching and discover more! Tell us where you are, what you need and we'll get you the results you want. AOL Mobile Search automatically groups your search query results into relevant categories to make it easy for you to quickly get what you're looking for.

Here's how to use AOL’s Mobile Search:

Just type the information you need into the 'enter search term' box and click Search. Three search options are available: Local, Image and Web.

AOL Local Search

Tell us where you are by clicking Set Location and entering your city and state or zip code in the location box. You must provide your location to receive local search results. You'll even get a map and driving directions to help you quickly get to where you're going. You may change your location by clicking change and entering a different location. Your last five locations will be saved. Selecting a different location will provide new search results within the new location selected.

AOL Image Search

Based on your search query, you'll receive several related images under the images section. You can scroll through each image or click the image for a larger view.

AOL Web Search

The web search results provide you with a list of website links related to your search query. You may click on a link to be redirected to that organization's website -- we even optimize it for your phone!

Happy searching!

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