AOL security update 4397.2.4

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AOL security update 4397.2.4

IMPORTANT: AOL Security Update 4397.2.4 fixes a critical security problem in the AOL Desktop Software. We recommend that you install this update as soon as you are notified.

AOL Security Update is a part of AOL Software Updates. The AOL Software Update mechanism eliminates the need for you to manually download software updates. Every time there is an update to the AOL Desktop Software, the update is downloaded in the background with no impact to your online experience. Once the download is complete, you will see a notice prompting you to install the software update at the lower right of your computer screen. Click Install Now to complete the installation or Remind Me Later to postpone the installation (clicking Remind Me Later will prompt the same installation message every 12 hours).

NOTE: xxxx.xx.x denotes the version of the software update.

Please do not turn off your computer or disconnect from the internet while these updates are being installed, as doing so may result in an incomplete update. This will not damage your computer in any way but could keep you from operating the AOL Desktop Software at its optimum performance.

Once the update is complete, a congratulatory page will open. This page will close automatically in a few moments. Once the congratulations page closes, you can restart the AOL Desktop Software.

Note: If the update fails, go to to download and install the software update manually.

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