How do I set up instant message forwarding in AIM?

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How do I set up instant message forwarding in AIM?

Receive Instant Messages (IMs) from your contacts even when you aren't signed in to AIM. Register your mobile device and start receiving IMs now.

Here's how to set up IM Forwarding:

1. Go to


3. Select which account you'd like to sign in with.

4. Type your Username into the Username box and your password into the Password box.

5. Click Sign In.

6. Click Register for IM Forwarding.

7. Enter your phone number.

8. Click Register.

9. Type the confirmation code that was texted to your phone.

10. Click Confirm.

11. Click Done.

Here's how to register a mobile device through AIM 7:

1. On the Buddy List window, click Options or Menu (depending on which version of AIM 7 you're using) and then click Settings.

2. Click Mobile.

3. Click Register a Mobile Device.

4. Select your Carrier, add your phone number, and click Register.

5. You will receive a text message that says, "Please enter this confirmation code on your computer to complete your phone registration with AOL Mobile." Enter the confirmation code that you received and click Confirm.

6. You'll receive a confirmation that your registration is complete. Click Done.

Note: You can stop getting IMs to your mobile device at any time by Unchecking Forward IMs to my phone in the mobile settings page.

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