What are the AIM General IM settings?

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What are the AIM General IM settings?

On your Buddy List window, click Options or Menu (depending on which version of AIM 7 you're using) and then click Settings. Click General IM to select your preferences. Be sure to click Save when you're finished. To know more about each setting, click the numbers in the image below.

1. Timestamps display the exact time you sent or received an IM. Check Display timestamp on IMs to select this timestamp option.

2. Have you lost important information by accidentally closing your IM windows? Select the box next to Keep IM conversation text after IM is closed. All of your IM conversations will be saved until you sign out of AIM.

3. Do you fail to notice IMs from your buddies while working in another window? We have the perfect solution for you! Check Flash the window when IM messages are received to be alerted every time you receive an IM.

4. Do you want to use the Tab key to insert tabs instead of jumping to the next clickable button? Check Use the Tab Key to insert tab.

5. Do you lose unread IMs while closing a Grouped IM window? Check When using grouped IMs, prompt me before closing unread IMs to receive an alert for unread IMs before closing the grouped IM window.

6. Weary of spam IMs? Clear the box next to Auto-accept IMs from unknown senders, and you'll receive alerts for IMs from people who are not on your Buddy List. To know more about this feature, read our online help article Accept instant messages from unknown senders.

7. Don't lose track of your Buddy Chat! Check Flash the window when Chat messages are received to get a flashing alert when your buddy sends you a message.

8. Want to know which friends are joining or exiting chat? Select the box next to Show announcements when users enter and leave to get an alert every time your buddies join or leave the chat session.

9. Don't want to be disturbed by Buddy Chat invitations? Check Block incoming Buddy Chat invitations to block an invite. To start receiving invitations again, just clear the box.

10. Do you like a particular font and wish you could use it while IMing without having to change it in every IM window? From the Default Font section, choose the font, font size, text format, font color, highlight color and background color for your IMs. The settings you choose here will be the default settings for all your IMs.

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