How do I start an AIM Video Chat session?

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How do I start an AIM Video Chat session?

AIM Video Chat allows you to quickly jump into sessions with any capable and willing buddy. Just follow the instructions below to start an AIM Video Chat:

1. Sign in to AIM.

2. Open an IM, click Options in the top left, and select Start Video Chat.

3. If prompted by the Adobe Flash Player Settings window, select Allow and then click Close.

4. Your camera will then display video and a Waiting for other party to join message.

5. Once your buddy accepts your Video Chat invitation, a small thumbnail video will appear in the bottom left, displaying what your buddy sees. The main video in the center will display your buddy's video.

6. Enjoy AIM Video Chat!

If you need more information on adjusting your AIM Video Chat settings, please see How do I adjust my AIM Video Chat settings?. If you're having connection problems, please see How do I resolve problems with my AIM Video Chat connection?.

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