What are the AIM Mobile settings?

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What are the AIM Mobile settings?

Are you flooded with instant messages (IMs) on your mobile device? Check out the following cool settings for your mobile device by clicking the numbers on the image given below.

On your AIM Buddy List window, click Options or Menu (depending on which version AIM 7 you're using), and then click Settings. Click the Mobile tab to select the settings of your choice. Once you've selected your preferences, click Save.

1. If you'd like to stop receiving IMs to your phone, click Delete.

2. Register a new device by clicking Register a phone number.

3. Get IMs automatically forwarded to your mobile device every time you step away from your computer. Just check Forward IMs to my phone by clicking on it.

4. If you'd like to receive IMs on your phone as text messages. Select Text Messages by clicking on it.

5. If you'd like to receive IMs on your phone through the AIM app installed on your mobile device, select IMs by clicking it.

6. Allow your buddies to IM you even if they only have your mobile number. Check Allow AIM users who know my mobile number to send IMs as text messages to my phone by clicking on it.

7. Protect your privacy and ensure that you receive messages only from people you know. Check Send me a text message asking to "Accept" or "Decline" messages I receive from someone who I have not previously chosen to accept all messages from automatically by clicking on it and we will do the rest for you.

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