How do I enable IM Catcher in AOL Desktop v10.1?

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How do I enable IM Catcher in AOL Desktop v10.1?

The IM Catcher intercepts instant messages you get from people who are not on your Buddy List® window. Before opening the IM, you can view the screen name of the sender, the time at which you received the IM, and the number of IMs you've received from the sender. You may then choose to view the IM, close it, or report it as spam. To enable your IM Catcher, follow the steps below.

Note: If the images are different from what you see on your computer, you do not have the latest version of AOL® Desktop software. Please install the latest version of AOL Desktop v10.1 software.

1. In the Buddy List® window, click the Edit menu, and then click Settings.

2. Select the General IM tab.

3. Uncheck the Auto-accept IMs from unknown senders box, and then click Save.

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