How do I create a Voice Chat room in AOL Desktop v10.1?

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How do I create a Voice Chat room in AOL Desktop v10.1?

AOL Desktop allows you to have a Talk session and chat with multiple friends. To use the talk feature, you will need to have either a microphone and speakers or a USB phone.

Note: If the images are different from what you see on your computer, you do not have the latest version of AOL Desktop software. Please install the latest version of AOL Desktop v10.1 software.

How do I start a Voice Chat session?

To start a Voice Chat session with your buddies:

1. At the bottom of the Buddy List® window , click the Actions button, select Chat, and then click Voice Chat.

2. Enter the screen names of the buddies you want to invite in the Screen Names to Invite box, and then click Send. Once they accept the invitation, you are ready to talk in the chat room.

Did you know: When you start typing a screen name, it will auto-suggest you names from you Buddy List.

Note: When you receive an invitation, you have four choices to respond.

  • Click Accept to join the voice chat session.
  • Click Reject to decline the invitation.
  • Click Block to add the sender to your list of blocked screen names.
  • Click Ignore to ignore all further IM invitations from that sender during your current chat session. The sender will not be blocked the next time you sign on.

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Voice Chat controls

During a Voice Chat session, this control window comes very handy. Each numbered section is explained below:

1. Drag the slider to adjust speaker volume.
2. Drag the slider to adjust mike volume.
3. Click Mute to mute your conversation and click Unmute to unmute your conversation.
4. Click IM and start chatting simultaneously.
5. Click End Session to end your participation in the conversation.

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