AOL Desktop v10.1 Browser General Settings

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AOL Desktop v10.1 Browser General Settings

The AOL® Desktop Browser general settings allow you to view the Internet Properties window for your computer. You can also set the default browser, and choose the startup options. Although not recommended, you can change the security settings for AOL Desktop v10.1 Browser.


Internet Options
Default Browser
Home Pages

Internet Options

If you want change the Internet options for you computer, to allow you customize your browsing experience, click Change Windows Internet Options.

Note: If the images are different from what you see on your computer, you do not have the latest version of AOL® Desktop software. Please install the latest version of AOL Desktop v10.1 software.

You can change the General, Security, Privacy, Content, Connections, Programs and Advanced settings by clicking on each of the respective tabs.

Default Behaviors

You can set AOL Desktop v10.1 as default web browser by clicking Set as Default.

To view the thumbnails of tabs and Web sites visited, check the Show thumbnails on tabs and visited sites box

You can also choose to run a search every time you type an invalid Web address, by checking the If I type an invalid Web address, run a search (TopSpeed® always does this) box.

Home Pages

Your default home page on Internet Explorer® can also be used as a default home page on the AOL Desktop v10.1 Browser. You can also choose to have as many home pages as you wish to open in separate tabs when AOL Desktop v10.1 opens.


AOL does not recommend changing the default security settings for AOL Desktop v10.1 Browser, however, you can choose to block or unblock ActiveX controls and Javascripts from Web pages you view by checking the Block ActiveX controls and Javascript from local Web pages box.

You can also choose to have a confirmation screen displayed when ActiveX controls and Javascripts are blocked, by checking the Show a warning when blocking local ActiveX or Javascript box.

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