About Personal Storage settings

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About Personal Storage settings

Personal Storage Settings allows you to choose how often you wish to back up your Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC). It also gives you the option to receive or not receive a confirmation window while deleting emails and favorite places.

To customize PFC using Personal Storage Settings:

1. Sign in to AOL Desktop.
2. On the AOL toolbar, click the Settings icon.

3. In the Settings by Category tab, under Customize AOL, click Personal Storage Settings.

4. Click the box next to a setting to place a check in it. You can customize the following:

  • Backup frequency: Click the up or down arrow on the box next to Automatically backup my Personal Storage every week to set the backup frequency that you prefer. You can set the frequency between once per week to once every four weeks.
  • Confirmation before deletion: Check the box next to Confirm before deleting single items and/or Confirm before deleting multiple items to get a confirmation message every time you delete emails or favorite places. Uncheck the box to avoid getting the confirmation message.
  • Graphics Settings: You can set the amount of space that can used to save online art files (temporary files that get stored on your computer every time you visit a graphic rich website). Many web-related issues can be resolved by reducing the space allotted for the art files to zero and then increasing it back to the desired space. To learn how to correctly perform the solution, please refer to our help article Clear AOL Artwork Database.

4. Click Save to save the settings.

5. Close the Settings window.



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