Automatic Password Recovery FAQs

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Automatic Password Recovery FAQs

If you regularly sign in to your AOL Mail account from the same computer, eventually we may recognize it as a trusted machine. When we do, we'll activate our new Automatic Password Recovery feature, a free and easy way to retrieve your forgotten password without having to answer your Account Security Question. When our algorithms identify your computer as a trusted system, you'll receive a message from AOL prompting you to enable Automatic Password Recovery.

Note: Automatic Password Recovery is not a feature you can seek out or sign up for at any time. Our systems consider each account very carefully and will automatically notify you once your computer is eligible for the service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Automatic Password Recovery feature work?

Depending on your sign-in habits, our system identifies your computer and, over time, establishes a level of trust with you and your computer. Once your computer is listed in our systems as a trusted computer, you'll receive notification of your eligibility to enable the Automatic Password Recovery service in the form of a pop-up window. Once you enable Automatic Password Recovery, you can change or reset your password without ever having to answer your Account Security Question.

How much does this feature cost?

The Automatic Password Recovery feature is completely free.

Does Automatic Password Recovery work on multiple computers?

Yes. You can activate this feature on a maximum of 10 computers (Mac and/or Windows). Our system examines each computer's behavior individually in order to determine that the machine is a trusted source. As of right now, if one of your home computers receives the Automatic Password Recovery invitation, you can't add the feature to your other computers until they also receive the invitation from our system.

I chose to save my password, so why do I need this feature?

Even though you saved your password and don't have to enter it every time you sign in, there could come a time when you need to delete your browser's cookies and saved passwords or reinstall your computer's operating system. If you don't remember your password and it's no longer saved on your computer or browser, then Automatic Password Recovery will let you skip the extra verifications normally required to access your account and create a new password as long as you're signing in from your trustworthy computer.

Note: The Automatic Password Recovery system may help us recognize good user sessions from bad user sessions by notifying us if someone tries to sign in to your account from another location. If we suspect there is a serious cause for concern, we'll attempt to bring it to your attention.

Can I use Automatic Password Recovery to get my old forgotten password?

If you're looking for your password from 1995, that's not exactly how it works. The feature doesn't actually retrieve old passwords. With Automatic Password Recovery you can access your account more quickly if you forgot your password than users who don't have this feature, because we recognize that you're on a trusted computer. Once in your account, you can create a new password to replace your forgotten one.

How can I turn off Automatic Password Recovery?

If you receive the Automatic Password Recovery notification, you can choose not to activate it by clicking Do Not Allow in the pop-up window. You should decline this feature if you are using a public computer (e.g., computers in kiosks or libraries).

Note: Once you opt out of the Automatic Password Recovery feature, there is no opportunity to opt back in at this time.

Can I still access my account from other computers without Automatic Password Recovery?

Absolutely. But you may eventually receive a notification from us asking you to confirm that it was indeed you signing in to your account from that unrecognized computer that day.

Is this feature available for paid members as well as free members?

Yes it is. All AOL members are eligible for Automatic Password Recovery.

What will happen if I forget my password on AOL Mail after I activate Automatic Password Recovery?

If you don't remember your password, click Forgot password on your AOL Sign On screen. You will receive a password reset window where you can reset your password. Because you have activated the Automatic Password Recovery feature, you won't have to identify yourself by answering your Account Security Question.

Will AOL use this feature as a way to track my online activity and send me advertisements?

No. The Automatic Password Recovery feature is not used for marketing purposes.

What if there are other Usernames that use the same computer (such as my kids)?

Once AOL identifies your computer as trusted, we will allow you to change your password without verification. If you share a household computer with others (including your kids) and you have concerns about them possibly changing your password, you may want to decline this feature.

Will the Automatic Password Recovery feature still work if I move?

Yes, the feature will still work as long as you take your trusted computer with you and use it to access your account. This is the computer we recognize and trust, so we can quickly move you through the password reset process when you forget your password.

I've received the Automatic Password Recovery pop-up several times. How do I make it stop?

We're sorry you keep receiving this pop-up notification (our system must really like your computer!). The next time this happens, if you no longer want to receive the pop-up, click No Thanks to prevent it from popping up again.

How do I remove the cookies from my computer when I no longer want to use Automatic Password Recovery?

The easiest way to remove cookies from your browser is to follow the instructions in Clear cookies, cache, history and footprints.

If you are using the AOL Desktop software, please see Clear cookies, cache, history and footprints on AOL Desktop software for more specific directions.

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