What is Metacritic?

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What is Metacritic?

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You had us at hello, for real, so Moviefone always aims to make your experience at the movies a winner. Consider us your fun agent. Accordingly, Moviefone has teamed up with Metacritic to provide you an easy way of deciding which movies to add to your must-see roster.

Metacritic provides a collection of reviews for movies that are playing in theaters or out on DVD/video. Reviewed movies are given a Metascore: a weighted average of all the scores assigned by individual critics to that movie.

Note: It’s a "weighted average" because some critics and publications are assigned more weight than others, based on merit and reputation.

These movies are rated on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the most favorable rating. To view a movie's Metascore, go to the movie's main page and click on the Reviews tab. To learn more about Metacritic, stop by the Metacritic website.

At Moviefone, we know just the right way to show you the moooovies.

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