Report IM spam

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Report IM spam

Messaging spam, also called SPIM, targets instant messaging services. SPIM is similar to the infamous email spam and may contain links that when clicked would download malicious programs on your computer.

If you receive an IM that appears to be spam, report it to the AIM service. Ensure that the sender is not on your Buddy List before you report the message.

To report IM spam
1. Click the Report IM Spam link on the IM window.

2. The window that appears may offer you one or both the options given below. Use the option(s) that you prefer.

  • Notify AOL

  • Block all IMs from (Username)

3. Click OK. Based on the option you select, the Username you that report against will be temporarily blocked from sending IMs to anyone or permanently blocked (unless you opt otherwise) from sending IMs to you.

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