How do I increase an article's text size?

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How do I increase an article's text size?

Sometimes articles on AOL’s websites can be a little difficult to read because the text is too small. But there is an easy way to fix this. The text size feature allows you to select one of three text sizes to meet your needs. Simply click the text size icons at the top of the article. The text size icons (each represented by the letter “A”) range in sizes small (the default size), medium and large.

If you’d like to print an article in a larger text size, click the A text size icon to the size of your liking and then click the printer icon. The article will print in your chosen text size.

If there are no text size icons on the webpage you are viewing, try adjusting the text size on your browser. For help, check out our online help article Increase or decrease the text size on webpages.

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