Organizing your recipes in Grocery List

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Organizing your recipes in Grocery List

Grocery List works hand-in-hand with KitchenDaily to make it easier for you to list, sort and find the ingredients you need for your favorite recipes.

How do I use My Recipes?

When you click Save on a recipe, that recipe will be added to your recipe box. Click on My Stuff in the main menu, and then choose My Recipes to see a list of your saved recipes.

From this page, you can add items to your Grocery List, remove a recipe from your box or see recipe ingredient details.

If you click on the recipe name, you will be able to view the details of the recipe, add notes and customize the ingredients to your taste or dietetic requirements. You also can click on the original recipe link to view the instructions on how to prepare the recipe.

How do I add ingredients from My Recipes to My Grocery List?

On any of your recipes, just click Add to List and the recipe’s ingredients will automatically be added to your Grocery List.

How do I exclude common items such as salt, pepper, water, etc. from my list?

After you click Add to List on a recipe, Grocery List will bring up a dialog box letting you add or remove any ingredient from the recipe. Grocery List attempts to guess which common items you might already have in your pantry and deselects them by default. Select the items you want to add or remove with the check boxes and then click Okay. You can also select to which of your lists you would like the recipe added.

Note: If you click Add to List directly from the original recipe link, this will bypass the option to exclude ingredients from your list.

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