Comment on a recipe

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Comment on a recipe

Do you want to voice your opinion about a KitchenDaily recipe? We want to hear it! And we bet your fellow KitchenDaily fans do, too. Share your thoughts by posting a comment.

1. Sign in to KitchenDaily using your email address or AOL Username and password.

Note: If you haven’t registered with KitchenDaily, click Get a Free Username.

2. From the page of the recipe on which you want to comment, click the Comments tab below the title.

3. Type your comment in the text box below What do you think? Remember to type your comments in fewer than 250 characters. Also: Respect your fellow readers and please keep it clean, folks.


4. Note whether or not you made any changes to the recipe when you tried it out by clicking on the check box. Then click Add Comment.

That’s it! Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. Your comment should post in a few minutes.

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