About accessibility at AOL

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About accessibility at AOL

Accessibility at AOL is about extending the power of the internet to all users. In addition to addressing product compatibility with assistive technologies such as screen-reader software, alternative keyboard devices and voice-recognition products, AOL strives to introduce features to enhance the value of the internet to people with disabilities.

The AOL accessibility policy expresses the company's commitment to develop products and services that are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. The policy is founded on three fundamental principles: awareness, responsibility and collaboration.

AOL has a long-standing commitment to address the technological needs of people with disabilities. In keeping with its company-wide accessibility policy, AOL continues to collaborate with industry and disability groups to deliver innovative features, product solutions and best practices that bring the power of the internet to everyone. Check out our online help article Recommended AOL products for accessibility.

For more information and feedback on AOL’s accessibility efforts, please visit Our Values: Corporate Citizenship: Accessibility, which outlines our accessibility policy and values. You can also email aolaccessibility@aol.com for further assistance or go to bill.aol.com/SPortal/jsp/contact_us.jsp for additional contact information.

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