AOL Autos used vehicles FAQ

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AOL Autos used vehicles FAQ

Got questions about used vehicles? AOL Autos offers a ton of great information about used vehicles, from Kelly Blue Book values to vehicle history reports.



What does "certified pre-owned" mean?

A "certified" car typically means the vehicle has undergone an additional inspection, recondition and repair process to ensure the vehicle is in excellent condition. Most manufacturers have a certified vehicle program in conjunction with their dealerships. Most "certified pre-owned" or "certified used" cars also include a warranty extension depending on the manufacturer. Click here to learn more about manufacturer program details.

What are Kelly Blue Book values?

Kelley Blue Book Values are vehicle resale values as determined by the folks at Kelley Blue Book (KBB). KBB determines vehicle values using recent vehicle sales transaction data as well as vehicle sales trends. AOL Autos has partnered with KBB to provide accurate resale values to our visitors. Find your car’s value by visiting AOL Autos' Kelly Blue Book section.

What are vehicle history reports?

A vehicle history report is a compilation of the milestones in a vehicle's life. Vehicle history is important when considering purchasing a used vehicle because it can help a buyer determine from a neutral source if there are any issues with the vehicle's past. Learn more about vehicle history reports.

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