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Engadget Content FAQ

Hey there! For our readers' convenience, we've compiled all of the most commonly asked questions about Engadget below.



Why did you post this or that?

Our primary focus is on news for all the latest gadgets, technology and consumer electronics; however, we're also interested in scientific developments, things that make us laugh and, yes, even occasionally something that's "old" news to one or more of our readers. We try to mix things up.

Why do you post rumors?

We try to keep our readers in the know, which occasionally means posting things such as rumors, leaks and unofficial information. Of course, unofficial info is sometimes dubious, but that's what our editorial staff is for! We try our best to sort out the noise from the real deal so that you don't have to, and we always inform readers when news is speculation or rumor.

You have a Microsoft/Apple/Dell ad on your website. Does that mean that Microsoft/Apple/Dell pays you? Isn't that biased?

Engadget is a huge website with millions of readers and is owned by a very large parent company (AOL). The editorial staff at Engadget doesn't take part in selling ad space on the site in any way. We have no contact or control over the ads here, save for the fact that we tell our sales team to try and keep annoying or aggressive ads off of the site, which we think are bad for the reader experience. To be perfectly clear, the editorial staff and the ad sales team that represents the site are completely separate entities. No one is on the take!

Don't you have a bias against/for "this company" or "that company"? Did someone pay you for that review? You get so much free stuff, don't you have to be biased?

Engadget has a strict policy against keeping free stuff. Units provided to the staff by companies for review are always returned, and anything else sent to us is given away to the readers. We don't take free dinners from PR people, we don't take free trips and we never accept gifts of any kind. It's hard to believe it's that simple, but it really is. Our editorial is never for sale, and never will be.

Will you review my product?

We love checking out new products -- it's what we're all about. That said, there are a few things you should know. First off, we primarily focus on hardware. Secondly, not everything out there fits in with our coverage and, despite being completely in love with gadgets, we can't cover every product we see! We're open to hearing about and looking into anything you have, but we can't promise we'll be able to get back to you or check out your product.



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