Why won't my comment show up on your site?

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Why won't my comment show up on your site?

Sometimes we can experience issues with our commenting system. We love our community and it pains us when there are any major problems keeping you all from communicating.

If you’ve posted a comment on an article, please make sure you’ve checked your mail for the comment approval email (check your spam folder, too!). We use the comment approval email system to prevent spammers from running amok on our site. It helps keep our comment sections clean.

Also, we sometimes experience outages or general site problems, so if you've followed all of the steps in the AOL Help article Commenting on articles and can't seem to post a comment, then please let us know of your issue using our Feedback form (check the upper right-hand corner of the page for a link).



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Last updated: 06-19-2014
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