What is AOL Travel?

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What is AOL Travel?

AOL Travel is your one-stop-shop for travel news, inspiration, research and purchasing. Our tagline is: “Trust us, we’ve been there!” That means we have been where you want and need to go. AOL Travel and Orbitz, our key travel partner, scour the internet to uncover the best prices for airline tickets, low rates on hotels, deals on car rentals and discounts on popular cruises.

As you surf our webpages, be sure to check out the discount travel deals pages that are carefully selected by our editors. AOL Travel editors are constantly finding and updating information on special travel deals includingcruises, Disney vacations, honeymoon trips and international deals to make sure you have the most useful travel information possible. Moreover, the editors at Huffington Post Travel is on top of all of the latest travel trends and news: from original photos from far-off getaways to the latest travel gadgets on the market.

So, before you take that next trip, consult the experts on AOL Travel.

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Last updated: 08-08-2014
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