Why did I receive an error message when I tried to send a text message?

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Why did I receive an error message when I tried to send a text message?

Here's a list of possible texting errors, the reasons why you might see one and ways to avoid getting them.

1. Uh-oh! That number won’t work. Please make sure it’s a valid US mobile number from a supported provider, and not a landline.

  • Valid number: Typos account for most errors. Did you misdial? The phone number you text must be a US number, with 1 followed by 10 digits including the area code (for example, 19993335555).
  • Supported carrier: You may be sending a text message to a mobile carrier that's not supported yet. Here are the carriers we currently support:

Verizon AT&T
Sprint Google Voice
T-Mobile Boost (1-way messaging only)
Virgin Mobile US Cellular
Alltel Cricket Wireless
nTelos Wireless Centennial Cellular
Immix Wireless Cellular One
Appalachian Wireless Bluegrass Cellular
Com TMI Wireless GCI/Alaska DigiTel
Illinois Valley Inland Cellular
Nex-Tech United Wireless
West Central Metro PCS*

  • Landline or Virtual Number: Did you dial a hard-wired office or home phone? Only mobile phones can receive texts. Are you texting an app? Some providers now offer apps for texting, but we don't yet support sending text messages to virtual phone numbers.
  • Blocking: You might be texting someone's company-provided phone on the Sprint network. Some companies set up their company-provided phones to block this type of text messaging. If this is the case, try suggesting that your friends upgrade their messaging plans, if they can, by calling their carriers directly.
  • *Metro PCS: Messaging is only supported on select Metro PCS plans. If you use Metro PCS and you run into issues sending or receiving messages via AOL, please contact Metro PCS for more information.

2. Your contact may have opted out of receiving text messages from AOL. Gasp! If you think this might be the case, it's easy to fix. Ask your friend to try one of the following options:

  • Go to aim.com/settings and verify that Block text messages from AIM and AOL Mail is not checked.
  • Contact us at mailto:help@aoltxt.com with the mobile number for help turning the service back on.

3. If you receive the following error message: "xxxxxxxxx is blocked by you, and cannot receive your IM," you may need to adjust your settings.

4. The recipient of your text message couldn't tell who sent it.

  • If you've signed in to Project Phoenix with your Facebook or Google Username and password, your name might not be listed clearly to the person receiving your text. For the best results, sign in to AIM or AOL Mail with your AOL or AIM Username.

5. Oops, you're not signed in!

  • Signing in to AOL Mail also signs you in to AIM. If you sign out of AIM in your AOL Mail account, you'll need to sign back in before sending text messages.

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