How do I unsubscribe from emails on AOL Jobs / My CareerBuilder?

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How do I unsubscribe from emails on AOL Jobs / My CareerBuilder?

To unsubscribe from any emails you've been receiving from CareerBuilder, please follow the instructions below:

1. Visit AOL Jobs / My CareerBuilder.

2. Log in to your CareerBuilder account.

3. From the My CareerBuilder menu, select Edit Profile.

4. On your profile page, select Click here to visit the CareerBuilder Email Subscription Center.

5. You will be directed to the Email Management Center, where you will have three tabs to choose from in order to manage your emails.

  • 1st Tab: Career Advice – Select this if you would like to receive the CareerBuilder newsletter, education recommendations or partner offers.
  • 2nd Tab: Contact from Employers – Select this to indicate whether you would like to have a public or private resume. Select Private to stop receiving emails from employers.
  • 3rd Tab: Job Alerts – Manage your job alerts and choose if you would like to receive recommended jobs from CareerBuilder.

6. Once all changes are made, click Save.

Note: Although your email address should be immediately removed, please allow up to 48 hours for your email account to stop receiving messages. Also, please note that there are employers who may have downloaded your resume into their computer systems. Please contact the companies directly if you continue to receive emails.

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