I downloaded Editions, now what?

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I downloaded Editions, now what?

Now that you’ve downloaded one of the rockin'est apps around, let’s assemble your first Edition.

To assemble your first Edition:

1. Open the Editions app.

2. On the Connect screen, connect your Facebook, Twitter, or AOL accounts to begin personalizing your Editions and to easily share articles with your friends. For more information on why you should connect your social networks, please visit our help article Why should I connect my social networks in Editions?

3. Tap Next.

4. Time to personalize your Editions! At the top, enter your first and last name in the boxes provided and then enter your zip code in the box provided to receive the best local news from your neighborhood.


6. Under 'Personalize Your Cover', tap the colors that you want your Editions to come in.


7. Under 'Sections', pick the sections you want in your Editions. The 'My Sections' box contains the sections you'll see in your Editions, while the 'Additional Sections' box contains sections that won't be included in your Editions, but they can be added. To add or remove a section, tap and hold the name of the section and drag it to the appropriate box. You can also rearrange the order of your sections by tapping, holding, and dragging a section to a desired spot.

8. In the top right, tap I'm Done - Make My First Edition.


That's it! It'll take just a few moments to gather the stories and design your Edition, but the wait will be well worth it. Happy reading!

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Last updated: 09-26-2011
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