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About The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is a progressive American news website offering coverage of politics, media, business, entertainment, living, style, the green movement, world news and comedy. Below is a comprehensive list of its brands.

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HuffPost BlackVoices
HuffPost Black Voices is the #1 online forum for the most authentic, diverse and influential African-American voices, conversations and community.

HuffPost Books
HuffPost Books is the web’s watering hole for everything in the world of words. It has excerpts from the hottest new books, original articles from their authors, insider info on the publishing world, and expert trend analysis. Our goal is to provide our readers with the most engaging and informative content that will not only educate, but also get people excited about books again. We want to lead the conversation about bringing new and old media together.

HuffPost Business
HuffPost Business bridges the gap between Wall Street and Washington by providing an in-depth analysis of how economics affect every day Americans. From up to the minute news to extended investigations, HuffPost Business covers the stories and issues that impact your world.

HuffPost Celebrity
HuffPost Celebrity is a lively and glossy celebrity magazine experience delivered in real-time for the web. It's the fastest way to know what’s really going on in the wide world of celebrity -- updated around the clock with trustworthy news and filled with beautiful photos, video, slideshows, and interactive features.

HuffPost Chicago
HuffPost Chicago provides up-to-the minute news, opinion and impact, as well as restaurants, real estate, culture, goings on around town – a smart, curated guide to your city. 

HuffPost College
HuffPost College consists of aggregated news, original reporting and write-ups of college-related stories. We have partnered with over 100 college newspapers to provide the most comprehensive coverage possible of issues facing higher education.

HuffPost Comedy
HuffPost Comedy is a one-stop-spot for the funniest viral videos, late night clips, political humor, and satire the web has to offer. In addition to constantly scouring the Internet for hilarious content, our editors respond to the latest news and trends with original videos, slideshows and reporting, making HuffPost Comedy a must-visit destination for anyone looking for laughs.

HuffPost Culture
HuffPost Culture will offer greatly enhanced coverage of all the arts - both high and low and everything in between. We seek to be the go to place on the web for news and commentary in the wide world culture. Our universe will include TV, film, theater, art, dance opera, music architecture, photography and more. We want to set the agenda here - not simply offer up what people are talking about, but what people SHOULD be talking about.

HuffPost Denver
HuffPost Denver provides up-to-the minute news, opinion and impact, as well as restaurants, real estate, culture, goings on around town – a smart, curated guide to your city.

HuffPost Divorce
A section featuring news and opinion about divorce, including financial and legal advice, step-parenting tips, guidance on post-divorce dating, and much more. The inspiration for the vertical comes from Nora Ephron, author, director, and HuffPost editor-at-large.

HuffPost Education
HuffPost Education is an education news source and the best online destination for passionate voices surrounding the public K-12 education system. The vertical's mission is to inform and empower Americans to make a difference in the field of education, and to further discourse around issues and topics relating to education. The vertical covers important issues like education policy, innovative teaching methods, bullying, and profiles great teachers throughout the country. The section attracts exclusive, high-end contributors such as former Newark mayor Cory Booker, former D.C. public schools chancellor and founder of StudentsFirst Michelle Rhee, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and education activist (and filmmaker) George Lucas.

HuffPost Entertainment
HuffPost Entertainment will provide a broader and edgier look at the entertainment industry. It will highlight the top stories from all of all the entertainment properties - HuffPost Celebrity, AOL Music, and Moviefone - and remain the main portal to these channels on the nav bar. It will continue its signature mix of highbrow / lowbrow content with an increased focus on original reporting as well as the best content from around the web.

HuffPost Food
HuffPost Food appeals to novices, professionals and foodies and non-foodies alike. Its attitude is “food is fun”, and it offers news, recipes, inside intel, how-tos and more to an audience of all different skill-levels and backgrounds. HuffPost Food keeps its readers up on all the hottest trends in restaurants, wine, beer, cocktails, cooking, and more. We celebrate everything in moderation from bacon to beer to beef bourguignon.

HuffPost Green
HuffPost Green covers the latest environmental news, green technology updates and provides a useful resource for readers who want to be more green in their daily lives.

HuffPost Impact
HuffPost Impact, winner of the 2010 Senator Harris Woffard Award for contributions to community service, is dedicated to covering the issues surrounding causes, service, charity, philanthropy and individuals making a difference in their communities. Impact also covers people in the news, tells their story and allows our community the opportunity to help those in need. From these compelling stories, Impact allows our readers the ability to take various actions like donations and opportunities to volunteer through vetted, tangible engagements from our various non-profit partners. The section also attracts exclusive, high-end contributors such as former President Bill Clinton, Madonna, Bill Gates, Ashton Kutcher and Shakira.

HuffPost Los Angeles
HuffPost LA provides up-to-the minute news, opinion and impact, as well as restaurants, real estate, culture, goings on around town – a smart, curated guide to your city.

HuffPost Latino Voices
HuffPost Latino Voices is the first stop on the web for bicultural Latinos -- real-time, engaging news, lifestyle and entertainment coverage paired with authentic and influential voices for today’s Hispanic community.

HuffPost Local
HuffPost Local features up-to-the minute news, opinion and impact, as well as restaurants, real estate, culture, goings on around town – a smart, curated guide to your city. We currently are in New York, Los Angeles, Denver and soon to be in San Francisco and Chicago.

HuffPost Media
HuffPost Media covers all things media: the people who run it, the people who work in it, and the people who cover it. Everything from cable news to newspapers to magazines to radio to the Internet falls under our rubric in some way.

HuffPost Music
HuffPost Music connects you to music you love and artists you have yet to discover with authoritative news and reviews and simple listening applications on any device.

HuffPost New York
HuffPost New York provides up-to-the minute news, opinion and impact, as well as restaurants, real estate, culture, goings on around town – a smart, curated guide to your city.

HuffPost Parents
Where real-world Moms and Dads come to be informed and inspired. HuffPost Parents offers practical insights, news-you-can-use, and a rich engaging community to help parents navigate every stage of (almost) always joyful life with children.

HuffPost Politics
HuffPost Politics focuses on the personal side of politics and how individuals across the country are affected by policy issues. HuffPost Politics transcends party lines and provides readers with original content and breaking news throughout the year plus deep coverage and analysis during election cycles.

HuffPost Religion
HuffPost Religion is dedicated to providing positive encounters with religious wisdom and ideas. The site offers the opportunity for learning and cooperation across religious divisions; and encourages productive discourse on the many different ways religion influences personal, communal, national and international life. The tone of HuffPost Religion is intelligent, creative, forward thinking, rigorous and is marked by generosity towards religious people and respect of religious tradition.

HuffPost Small Business
Real-time news and expert advice and opinion so readers are armed to run their small business. Contributions from top CEOs down to mom and pop entrepreneurs provide a comprehensive insider's view on the art of running a business.

HuffPost Sports
HuffPost Sports is the place for sports news both on and off the field. Our readers want to not only know about athletes and their professional careers, but also what they do in their personal lives. Our goal is to bring Huffington Post readers the latest news, highlights, insight and critical information on athletes and sports around the world.

HuffPost Style
HuffPost Style provides up-to-the-minute style & beauty news. With access to influential experts and an eye on every fashion news source, HuffPost Style showcases the biggest fashion personalities and keeps users up to date with coverage ranging from celebrity style to political fashion hits-and-misses to behind-the-scenes glimpses of the hottest runway shows.

HuffPost Tech
From interviews and product coverage to innovations and innovators, HuffPost Tech not only brings you the latest news from Silicon Valley, but in-depth reporting about what it means to the consumer.

HuffPost Travel
HuffPost Travel is the go-to hub to enhance all points of the travel lifecycle – from dreaming to research to booking – with credible multimedia content around travel news, intelligence and inspiration, as well as integrated commerce tools to drive action.

HuffPost TV
HuffPost TV is the trusted, real-time companion to TV, helping TV lovers find, manage and watch their shows from the web, mobile or TV. HuffPost TV features original content, news and analysis, comprehensive listings and the hot video franchise TV Replay, which delivers the most buzz-worthy moments from your favorite shows.

HuffPost Women
HuffPost Women carves out an online space where women can come to be informed and inspired -- it provides a highly social community where they can connect, swap ideas, and lend support.

HuffPost World
HuffPost World is the go-to place for a digest of global affairs that covers both the serious and sensational sides of international news for a U.S. audience. HuffPost World aims to be at the forefront of covering the global conversation in order to make the foreign more familiar.


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