AOL MyBenefits FAQs

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AOL MyBenefits FAQs

The AOL MyBenefits page is a personalized, easy-to-use and one-stop-destination for valued AOL members like you to view, activate and manage all the great benefits that are available to you as part of your AOL MyBenefits plan. View a live status of all the valuable features you've activated — and all those you have yet to activate. Plus, take advantage of new benefits immediately once they become available.

To view what your AOL Advantage Plan has to offer, check out your AOL MyBenefits page at Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you always have easy access to your benefits!

Select a heading below to view more about MyBenefits.

What is included on my personalized MyBenefits page?

Let’s get you familiar with what’s inside your personalized AOL MyBenefits page so you can take advantage of all your benefits.

Once you login to your MyBenefits page you’ll see a list of your available benefits in a table. Here you can find the following information:

  • Benefit name. Example: AOL OnePoint.
  • Benefit description. Example: Your one-stop-shop for secure username and password management and other benefits.
  • Read More Details link. Click this link to learn more about a particular benefit, log in to the account of a benefit you have already activated, or get help with a benefit.
  • Activation button. You’ll notice a message that says Activate Now, Enroll Now, or Download now; click this to begin the activation process for a particular benefit.
  • Status indicator. Each benefit will be marked with a green check mark (Activated), red plus sign (Eligible), or blue thumbs up (Always On) circle to let you know that status of that particular benefit.

How do I activate my benefits?

Activating your benefits is easy! Click the orange activation button and follow the on-screen prompts. As soon as you have activated a benefit, your status on your MyBenefits page will change from Eligible to Active, and you can feel safe knowing that AOL has your back. Please note that for most benefits, this happens immediately after you successfully complete the on-screen activation process. There may be some benefits that have a longer authorization period, so your status may not change right away.

Sample AOL MyBenefits page:

What is included within my AOL MyBenefits monthly email?

Get the most out of your AOL membership! Once a month, we will send you an AOL MyBenefits email to update you on all the features you’ve activated to date — and all those you have yet to take advantage of.

Your AOL MyBenefits email includes:

  • An explanation of all the wonderful benefits available to you as part of your plan.
  • A list of benefits you have yet to take advantage of, and lets you activate them directly from the email by clicking the individual benefit icon.
  • A list of the features you have already activated and access to those benefits when you need to.
  • A benefit of the month with a blue exclamation point icon in the upper left corner of the benefit icon.

Every month, we will feature a different benefit available to you, so you can get to know and fully take advantage of the benefits that are included in your AOL membership plan.

What do the different AOL membership benefits icons represent?

For a comprehensive explanation of our AOL membership plans and valuable benefits, please visit AOL Advantage Products and Features.

AOL OnePoint: Protect your financial information, both online and offline. Only AOL OnePoint actively prevents theft and misuse of your personal information everywhere you go. AOL OnePoint is your gateway to complete online account protection. For more information on AOL OnePoint, click here.

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection: Help safeguard your personal information from one of the fastest growing crimes in America, identity theft3. LifeLock, a leader in identity theft protection, proactively and relentlessly monitors your identity and alerts you of potential dangers4. For more information on LifeLock Identity Theft Protection, click here. Cash Back Rewards: Receive up to 8% cash back when you book a hotel, flight, car rental or vacation package using For more information on Cash Back Rewards, click here.

AOL Help Me Optimize: Slow computer performance can be a result of many different factors. We'll run a thorough check remotely and reconfigure your system for optimal performance. For more information on AOL Help Me Optimize, click here.

AOL Help Me Setup: Call us and one of our tech experts will help take the fear out of setting up and configuring a wide range of computer peripherals and devices. For more information on AOL Help Me Setup, click here.

AOL Help Me Fix It: Whether it's virus-related issues or driver conflicts, we'll identify the issue remotely and help resolve it fast – so you can get back to getting the most from your computer. For more information on AOL Help Me Fix It, click here.

AOL Help Me Use It: Now you have a tech expert to call anytime you need to figure out how to do things like get your photos from your phone on your computer and more. For more information on AOL Help Me Use It, click here.

McAfee Internet Security Suite – Special Edition from AOL: Protect up to three personal computers from viruses, unwanted emails, identity theft, spyware, hackers, and more with AOL’s premium online PC security software. For more information on McAfee Internet Security Suite – Special Edition from AOL, click here.

McAfee VirusScan Plus – Special Edition from AOL: Protect up to three personal computers from viruses, unwanted emails, spyware, and hackers with AOL's comprehensive online PC security software. For more information on McAfee VirusScan Plan – Special Edition from AOL, click here.

DataMask by AOL: Keylogging and phishing are the most prevalent and easy ways for crooks to steal from you. DataMask keeps you protected by replacing actual keystrokes with fake, random keystrokes produced by the Scrambler. It also proactively diverts you away from phishing sites so thieves never find you. For more information on DataMask by AOL, click here.

Private WiFi™: Private WiFi makes you invisible to any threat by encrypting everything users send and receive over unsecured WiFi networks. It’s VPN for the rest of us, giving regular people the same encryption technologies used by corporations, big banks and the government. For more information on Private WiFi, click here.

AOL Live Virus Removal: Have our tech experts remotely connect to your PC and clean it of viruses and other malware. Let us do the cleaning for you! In addition, we'll make sure your antivirus software, firewall, and PC settings are all optimized so you stay protected. For more information on AOL Live Virus Removal, click here.

$250-$1500 Extended Computer Protection – from AOL: Protect your PC, laptop, or tablet with up to $250-$1500 per year in hardware repair coverage1. This plan also protects your PC's monitor, keyboard, and mouse5. For more information on Extended Computer Protection – from AOL, click here.

Norton Online Backup 5 GB: Protect your important files, favorite photos, and more through secure online storage. You can store up to 5 GB of digital content for up to five personal computers in one secure backup account—and access them anytime, anywhere. For more information on Norton Online Backup 5 GB, click here.

Hyatt Legal Plans: Give yourself and your family important legal protection with Will preparation and legal consultations on personal legal matters. Hyatt Legal Plans has a participating network of over 11,500 seasoned attorneys with an average of over 25 years' experience6. For more information on Hyatt Legal Plans, click here.

Sprint 10% Discount: Save $84 a year on average with a 10% Sprint discount on select Sprint monthly service plans. This discount applies to both new and existing Sprint customers with a new line activation or eligible upgrade and a two-year agreement 2. For more information on the Sprint Discount, click here.

MyReputation Discovery: You can’t manage your online identity unless you know what others can see about you. Quickly and effortlessly monitor personal online content, and take control of your personal search results. Find any photos, videos, media mentions, blogs and directory listings and receive real-time alerts. It’s your “credit report for the online world”. For more information on MyReputation Discovery, click here.

MyPrivacy: Track and wipe your personal information from websites that collect and sell information about you. MyPrivacy automatically monitors the internet for your information and requests removal whenever it becomes visible without your permission. For more information on MyReputation Discovery, click here.

VIP Loyalty Program: Get 24/7 priority access to our most tenured and skilled customer service representatives. Our dedicated AOL VIP representatives offer specialized support for any of your AOL account, connectivity, and technical-related needs. For more information on the VIP Loyalty Program, click here.

24/7 Live Technical Support: Get 24/7 expert support for your AOL connectivity and technical-related needs. AOL's technical support representatives are available by phone or chat. For more information on how to contact AOL, click here.

Limited Live Technical Support: Get 24/7 expert support for your AOL connectivity-related needs. AOL’s technical support representatives are available by phone or chat. For more information on how to contact AOL, click here.

Dial-Up Access: Access AOL's fast and reliable dial-up service using AOL's all-in-one Desktop software7. AOL Desktop 9.7 integrates email, web browsing, instant messaging, and other essential online activities into a single, easy-to-use application. For more information on AOL Desktop 9.7, click here.

AOL Mail: Make AOL Mail the new home for all your communication needs. You get up to seven usernames per account, a simple sign-on experience, a reading pane for fast message previews, and more. For more information on AOL Mail, click here.

1 Coverage amount is based on your AOL membership plan. Limitations and exclusions apply. See terms and conditions for complete plan details.

2 Sprint Individual-Liable Discount: Available only to eligible paid AOL members, 18 or older with a valid U.S. Social Security number, on select AOL membership plans participating in the discount program. May be subject to change according to AOL’s agreement with Sprint. Available upon request on select plans & only for eligible lines with a new two-year service agreement with Sprint. Discount applies to monthly service charges only. No discounts apply to add-ons $29.99 or below. Coverage not available everywhere. Nationwide Sprint and Nextel National Networks reach over 277 and 278 million people, respectively.

3 Social Security Administration. “Identity Theft And Your Social Security Number.” SSA Publication No. 05-10064. August 2009.

4 Should you change to a plan that does not include LifeLock as a feature or cancel your current plan, you will no longer be eligible for your complimentary LifeLock subscription. Must be an individual in U.S. 18 or older, who has a valid U.S. Social Security number. This special offer can be changed or discontinued at any time.

5 PC coverage includes a monitor up to 19 inches measured diagonally.

6 The master username on this account will be shared with Hyatt Legal Plans for verification purposes. Excluded Services- No services (including consultations) will be provided for: 1) employment-related matters, including company or statutory benefits; 2) membership related or matters involving AOL, MetLife and affiliates, and plan attorneys; 3) matters in which there is a conflict of interest between the primary member and spouse or dependents, in which case services are excluded for the spouse and dependents; 4) appeals and class actions; 5) farm and business matters, including rental issues when the participant is the landlord; 6) patent, trademark or copyright matters; 7) costs or fines; 8) frivolous or unethical matters; and 9) matters for which an attorney-client relationship exists prior to the participant becoming eligible for services.

7 High-speed connection is not included. Members in certain areas, including Alaska, may have to pay additional communications charges. If you connect to AOL using a dial-up connection, you may incur additional charges on your telephone bill, depending on your location and calling plan. Please check with your telephone company for more information. Minimum system requirements apply.

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