What is AOLbyPhone?

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What is AOLbyPhone?

AOLbyPhone is a premium service that lets you listen to your emails at anytime, from anywhere, and on any phone. The service is powered by the latest voice recognition technology that lets you speak in "Plain English" to activate the commands.

With the AOLbyPhone service, you can

  • listen and respond to emails while commuting or traveling, thereby saving time
  • keep in touch with those you care about, regardless of where you are
  • never miss email(s) when you are away from your PC (when you are traveling or on a vacation, or when someone's using your PC)
  • include up to seven Usernames, a great value for small businesses and families
  • use the wake-up call service at no extra charge so that you don't miss important appointments
  • obtain your contact list from the Address Book

Note: It is available to any AOL Member living within the United States.


Do I need any special technology or device to use the AOLbyPhone service?

You don't need any special phone or phone service to use the AOLbyPhone service. Just call the toll-free number 1-800-265-1234 (1-800-AOL-1234) from your office, home, cellular phone, pay phone or neighbor's phone to reach our service.

How do I speak to ensure that the service understands me?

Just speak normally -- as you would to another person. There might be times when the system doesn't understand you (just like a person). Simply repeat yourself. You can speak the keyword or command at any time during the session.

Is AOLbyPhone secure?

Yes, it is. You will be able to access the AOLbyPhone service only after you enter your account number and PIN (Personal Identification Number).

When you sign up, you select an account phone number and a PIN. Keep your PIN confidential.

When you call the AOLbyPhone service using your account phone number, our service will recognize the number and allow you to access the service as soon as you enter your PIN. However, when you call from a different number, you will have to give both your account number and PIN.

Can I change my AOLbyPhone account number?

We are unable to let you reset your account phone number at this time. If you must change your account phone number, cancel your existing AOLbyPhone account, and then set up a new account.

Can I use the AOLbyPhone service outside of the United States?

Yes, you can. The out-of-country access phone number is 1-703-265-2222. Please know that this is not a toll-free number.

How does the AOLbyPhone service work?

When you call the AOLbyPhone service at 1-800-AOL-1234, you will be greeted by a friendly human voice that guides you to the information you want with simple voice activated questions and responses. For example, if you say “email,” the service responds by saying, “You have # new emails and # old emails,” where # refers to a number. Behind the scenes, our sophisticated voice recognition technology understands what you say, retrieves the results from the AOL service, and then reads out the information to you. It's that simple! To learn how to manage your emails in the AOLbyPhone email service, refer to the help article Manage emails using the AOLbyPhone email service.

How can I quickly sign on to the AOLbyPhone service?

The Quick Login Numbers feature allows you to quickly access the AOLbyPhone service using additional phone numbers. When you call from a Quick Login number, the AOLbyPhone service will automatically identify your account. Just enter your PIN to access the service.

You can further speed up the sign on process by enabling the Bypass PIN option for your registered phone number and each Quick Login Number. Once you enable the Bypass PIN, you don't need to enter a PIN to sign on. However, ensure that you bypass the PIN only on a phone number that you control; otherwise, you may inadvertently allow others to access your AOL email and more.

What is Bypass PIN in AOLbyPhone?

Quick login allows you to access the AOLbyPhone service without having to enter your account phone number or PIN. You can enable Bypass PIN for your primary account phone number as well as any Quick Login numbers that you add to your account.

Please know that if you choose to Bypass the PIN on a particular phone number, then anyone who calls the AOLbyPhone service from that phone may access the service using your account. Therefore, we recommend that you only choose numbers that are under your direct control.

Quick Login numbers are subject to detection by the AOLbyPhone service. Some cell and business phones may prevent the AOLbyPhone service from detecting this information.

Why can’t I register for the AOLbyPhone service?

We’re sorry to inform you that AOL Voice Services no longer offers new registrations for our AOL Voice Services products (AOL Call Alert, AOLbyPhone or AOL Voicemail).

While this means we will no longer allow new registrations, AOL will continue to support current AOL Voice Services users. However, AOL will no longer support switching lines or adding a new line to the service.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-877-742-9546 Monday through Friday between 9AM and 7PM ET.

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