Why am I seeing ads in AOL Mail?

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Why am I seeing ads in AOL Mail?

Here are two of the reasons we moved the ad in AOL Mail from a banner on top in the old version to a column on the side in the new version:

1. Moving it from above to the side allows for more vertical space, which creates additional room to display more of your message list.

2. It also creates a less cluttered space at the top, giving you clearer access to Search and to the AOL home page.

Compose in a new window
While there is currently no way to turn off ads on the right-hand side of your inbox when you're reading mail, you can enjoy an ad-free experience when you're composing (writing) a new email. Just click the EMAIL button in the upper-left corner, then click the NEW WINDOW button in the upper-right corner of the compose window.

You can set Mail to always do this by clicking Options, then selecting Settings. In the 'Pop-up Windows' section of General Settings, check the box next to 'Always write mail in a new window'. Click Save Settings at the bottom to save.

Note: When you compose mail in a new window, you don't have the option to add Stationery.

Behavioral advertising
Did you go into AOL Mail's Options menu and click "Opt-Out" on the "About our ads" page? If so, you opted out of behavioral advertising. Behavioral advertising is where you are shown ads that relate to interests you might suggest by visits you make to sites across AOL's advertising network.

You may have opted out of behavioral advertising, but clicking "Opt-Out" does not turn off ads.

There is currently no way to remove or "turn off" the ad on the right side of AOL Mail. You might try manually adjusting the size of your browser window to see if that improves the overall experience for you.

We're always interested in hearing how AOL Mail is working for you. We read the feedback you send our way and appreciate the time you take to write it. Click the little banner in the far upper-right corner of your inbox to get in touch. Thanks!


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